Favorite Things

Sharing is caring, folks and I love to review and share favorites things with people. Do you have a favorite kitchen gadget or baking dish? What is on your summer reading list?

Here you will find a variety posts- the arugula on the side, if you will.

Gin Martini

Every good host should know how to make at least one cocktail. My favorite cocktail is a classic Gin Martini. Let’s face it, if you know how to make one of these, you’re officially a badass. Some may debate on how a martini is made -Vodka or Gin, shaken or stirred. Truthfully, there is no … Continue reading Gin Martini

Meat and Cheese Spread

Sometimes after a long and busy week, all I can think about is a Friday night on the couch with my puppy, a bottle of wine, and Dateline Friday Night Mystery (my all time favorite show).  Most of these nights involve ordering Thai food delivery but this last Friday night, I had something else in mind. … Continue reading Meat and Cheese Spread