Weekend Spotlight

I work hard during the week, so I dedicate my weekends to ME!  This is my time to catch up on my DVR, get out and about with my dog, have dinner out with friends and my favorite , experiment with new recipes. I find that I get most of my meal prepping done over the weekend so that throwing dinner together during the week is a piece of cake!

The Weekend Spotlight will feature some of my Saturday and Sunday highlights – recipes, exploration finds and more. Make sure to come back as I add posts!

Superbowl Weekend

Are you ready for some football?! I know I sure am! My all time favorite sport to watch is football. I just love a Sunday afternoon spent relaxing at home watching The Bears. Unfortunately, us Chicago Bears fans don’t know what it’s like to cheer for a winning team lately. So in that case, I’m just … Continue reading Superbowl Weekend

#CrockpotChronicles Part 1

I love my crockpot! Whoever said, “I’m going to invent a cooking device that can be left unattended for 10 hours and reveals delicious and tender meal from literally whatever is dumped in it,” was a GENIUS! I like to find meals for the crockpot that I can eat for multiple lunches throughout the week. … Continue reading #CrockpotChronicles Part 1

Loaded Taco Skillet

Where did the weekend go? I swear I blinked and it was Sunday night. Normally I don’t like to rush my weekends away, but I had been looking forward to Sunday night because I had a delicious dinner planned out. Truthfully, a few weekends ago I saw this Taco Skillet up on Lexi’s Clean Kitchen (one … Continue reading Loaded Taco Skillet